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Thursday, December 29, 2011: Are you in the middle of a home improvement venture or have you recently completed a home remodeling project? If yes, did you take any pictures or videos in the process? If so, we’d love to see some of your home improvement pictures and videos at HomeAdditionPlus.com. Uploading your pictures and videos to HomeAdditionPlus.com’s HouseSight service is easy, fast, and free.

Yesterday, for example, I installed a new kitchen faucet in our home. The old one had become so corroded that we could no longer swivel the nozzle from one sink bay to the other. So while home this week, I decided to run down to my local home improvement center yesterday and buy a new faucet. About an hour after returning home I had installed the new faucet using only a crescent wrench and a pair of channel-lock pliers. I took a number of pictures during the installation and posted them on my HouseSight page. If interested in viewing the project pictures see “Installing New Kitchen Sink Faucet HouseSight Page“.

To upload your own home remodeling or improvement pictures just go to HouseSight and register. There is no cost to join and it only takes a minute. Once registered, you can create a unique profile page and as many project pages as you like. On each project page you can upload multiple pictures and even a video of your particular home improvement project. Also, you can elect to make your profile and project pages private or public.

So again, if you’ve recently completed a home improvement project and took some pictures and videos, share them with the HomeAdditionPlus.com community so that others can view and learn from your experiences.

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