How to Install Crown Molding Tips

How to Install Crown Molding Cost Effectively

By Mark J. Donovan

Installing crown molding is becoming a popular trend with today’s homeowners. However homeowners choosing not to hire a finish contractor to install it must first learn how to install crown molding the right way before embarking on such a project. Jumping into such a project without first learning how to install crown molding can be fraught with danger as it can lead to a pile of crown molding scrap and a heavily depleted banking account.

Crown molding is expensive, particularly hardwood crown molding, so it is imperative to know how to cut crown molding and install it correctly before beginning such a project.

There are a number of key how to install crown molding tips for homeowners to know. I have outlined them in the following sections below.

Keep your Crown Molding Installation Project Simple

First, if you have never installed crown molding before, keep your first crown molding installation project small.

Your first crown molding installation project should be targeted to a small room. You should also limit the crown molding installation project to just the crown molding stock itself, and forego the idea of including additional underboard stock or other accent trim pieces to the base crown molding.

Selecting Crown Molding

Make sure you select quality crown molding stock that is not warped or twisted. Also make sure it is free from knots, and always buy about 10% more than what you measured for, to factor in waste.

Let the Crown Molding Stock Rest before Installing

After buying the crown molding stock, place it in the room where it is to be installed for 3 days prior to installing it in the room. It is important to allow the crown molding stock to adjust to the temperature and humidity levels of the room.

Learn How to Quickly Install Crown Molding

Cut Crown Molding Properly

Knowing how to cut crown molding correctly is critical in preventing an expensive crown molding waste pile. Cutting crown molding requires the use of a miter saw and a coping saw. When cutting crown molding on a miter saw you must cut it backwards and upside down so that it will install right side up on the wall and ceiling. When you need to cope cut crown molding, first cut the crown molding end at a 45o angle with a miter saw, and then back-cut it with a coping saw.

Also it is imperative that you practice making miter and coping cuts on scrap crown molding material prior to cutting the actual crown molding stock that you want to hang on the wall.

Nail Crown Molding into Wall Studs and Ceiling Joists

When installing crown molding it is important to nail it into wall studs and ceiling joists, or ceiling furring strips. Drywall only will not hold the crown molding to the walls.

Use Glue on all Joints

Before nailing crown molding sections to walls, make sure you apply wood glue to the edges first.

With these tips on how to install crown molding you should now have the basics to begin a crown molding installation project. If there is any one tip that is more important than the rest, it is the need to practice making crown molding cuts on scrap material before cutting the actual pieces. Good luck with your crown molding project.

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