Cutting and Installing Baseboard Trim

Tips for Saving Time and Money on Installing Baseboard Trim

By Mark J. Donovan

To obtain professional results for cutting and installing baseboard trim it is best to use a miter saw, coping saw and a finished nail gun. If you do not own a miter saw or finished nail gun, and do not want to purchase them, consider renting them from your local home improvement store.

When cutting and installing baseboard trim in a room there is a preferred sequence. By following this preferred installation sequence, you can save time and money in wasted trim material.

For a basic room with four inside corners start by installing the first piece of trim along the wall that is most visible from the room’s entranceway.

Square cut both ends of the baseboard trim and nail it to the wall. Make sure you fasten the baseboard trim such that the nails penetrate wall studs.

Next, either working in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction make a coped cut on one end of a baseboard trim piece and butt it up against the first piece of installed baseboard trim. The other end of the board should be square cut.

Continue to work your way around the room, until you get to the last piece. For the last piece of baseboard trim, cope cut both ends of the baseboard trim and install the piece along the remaining wall, to complete the installation of the baseboard trim project.

Installing baseboard trim

In the situation where you have a long wall and need to join two pieces of baseboard trim molding together, use a scarf joint. A scarf joint involves cutting the butting ends of the two baseboard trim pieces at 45o degrees so they form a neat and clean joint.

For a room that has outside corners, start the baseboard trim installation project on the outside corners, and again work your way around the room in either a clockwise or counter clockwise direction.

If you are installing baseboard trim in a room that will be carpeted, install the baseboard trim about ¼” off the floor. You can use small blocks of wood to help raise the baseboard trim up while you fasten it to the wall. This tip will allow the carpet to be tucked underneath the baseboard trim for a better flooring look, and will enable the baseboard trim to be more fully exposed.

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