Consumer Guide to Ordering Custom Closets on Line

Designing a Custom Closet and Ordering Custom Closet Kits Online

By Mark J. Donovan

Today your closet doesn’t have to be limited to a horizontal pole and a shelf to hang clothes hangers on and to place boxes on, respectively. Today you can order custom closets online with a plethora of options and features to make your closet more functional and look beautiful. Ordering custom closets on line however can be a bit dizzying due to so many options. Described below are some tips to help you when ordering custom closets online.

First, measure the dimensions of your closet and write them down, including closet height, width, and length.

Also, make measurements or notes of any peculiar nooks or crannies in your closet area.

When making wall width measurements make sure to measure top, middle, and bottom, and jot down the narrowest dimensions for your wall width. Similarly do the same thing when measuring closet wall heights. Check the wall height several places along the width of the wall and again record the shortest length measurement. Make sure you are precise with all your measurements.

Next, sketch out your closet footprint, preferably on graph paper, and jot down the wall height and width measurements along the length of each wall. Then begin to sketch out a floor plan for your custom closet design.

Prior to starting the detail custom closet design, assess the type and number of items you plan to store in your closet, e.g. hanging clothes, folded clothes, shoes, hats, ties, belts, etc. This will help to give you a sense of what type of closet amenities and storage features you want to include in the closet design.

With overall closet dimensions sketched out and a good idea of what you’re going to store in your closet now it’s time to do the detailed closet design.

Design and Build a Custom Closet Ebook

You can find a number of online closet design companies that offer free closet design tools, such as These online closet companies not only provide free closet design tools, but also sell closet organizer systems.

When designing your custom closet, consider the direction of any door swings and make sure that any of your closet features and components do not impede on the door swing. Also design one wall of the closet at a time and pay particular attention on how the corners come together. Corners can be a little difficult to work out and I highly recommend limiting them to hanging space, versus shelves or drawers.

Also, don’t over design your closet with too many items and features, as this can make the closet feel extremely tight, and even claustrophobic. In addition, keep in mind that hanging clothes need approximately 24 inches in depth. Moreover, any shelves designed into the custom closet should be at least 12 inches in depth. Any drawers or cabinets built into the closet also typically need 24 inches in depth and ideally should be positioned opposite the closet door entrance.
When it comes to ordering custom closet components make sure to buy the highest quality materials you can afford.Not only with they look better, but more importantly they will hold up longer. I highly recommend spending the money on high impact resistant melamine over any particle board closet products, which most pre-made closet organizer systems are made out of today.

It is available in a variety of faux wood colors, as well as other surface colors and tones. There are a few online custom closet companies that do offer solid wood construction, however plan to spend much more.

When it comes to custom closet installation I highly suggest having the major closet components come pre-assembled. Otherwise you could find yourself spending days just putting the closet component pieces together before actually assembling them in the closet.  Some online custom closet businesses will pre-assemble the components for you free of charge, so make sure to ask when ordering your closet components. Finally, when actually installing the closet component pieces in the closet make sure to fasten them securely to wall studs with the closet manufacturer’s suggested fasteners.

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