Home Remodeling Plans Prevent Delays

Having a complete set of Home Remodeling Plans will save Time and Money

By Mark J. Donovan

Besides having the money to finance your home remodeling project, having a complete set of home remodeling plans should be the most critical item on your home remodeling checklist. Home remodeling plans prevent schedule delays and cost overruns. They also make the home remodeling project less stressful as there are less unwanted surprises.

Home remodeling schedules can slip for a multitude of reasons, such as bad weather, delay of receipt of building materials, subcontractors who fail to show up on the job, and delays in obtaining permits or inspections, just to name a few.

However many of them can be avoided with proper home remodeling planning. By having a complete set of home remodeling plans, with a timeline of construction activity, there can be better communication with the general contractor, subcontractors and building material suppliers. Better communication translates into higher levels of productivity and lower risks of home remodeling schedule delays.

Make sure your home remodeling plans include your specific selection of finished features in the home remodeling project, and that this effort is done sooner rather than later.

Some finished features such as kitchen cabinets can take 6-8 weeks to show up on the job site. In addition, by personally selecting and specifying your finished features and building materials up front, you reduce the risk of home remodeling change orders and project delays.

Your home remodeling plans should also include regular inspections of work performed on your home remodeling project. By scheduling regular inspections you can make sure that home remodeling delays are minimized by catching problems sooner rather than later.

Problems typically include contractors not building the home remodeling project to the blueprints, delays in receipt of building materials, and subcontractors not showing up when scheduled. By having regular inspections and talking with your general contractor and subcontractors you can prevent significant delays and save money.

If there are issues that you see when making your walkthroughs make sure you promptly bring them to the attention of your contractor. Do not sit on issues, as the longer you wait the more expensive the cost to make the change order and the more perturbed your contractor will be.

Home Addition Bid Sheets

Finally, make sure you include some contingency time and dollars in your home remodeling plans. There are always unforeseen issues that crop up in a home remodeling project and by anticipating this fact in advance you will be better able to handle the unexpected when it occurs.

For more help on building a new custom home, see HomeAdditionPlus.com’s New Home Construction Bid Sheet. The New Home Construction Bid Sheet provides you with the knowledge on how to plan a custom home building project, and what to look for when hiring contractors for your new home construction. It also includes a detailed cost breakdown table and spreadsheet for estimating your own new home construction building costs.

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