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Pool Cover Clips

Pool Cover Clips Offer a Couple of Advantages over Pool Cover Wire Cable

By Mark J. Donovan


Pool cover clips can protect your above ground pool from absolution destruction during the winter months. Twice we’ve had our above ground pool destroyed by the pool cover wire cable pulling in the sides of our pool. What initially led to the destruction of our pool on those occasions was the pool liner breaking. As the water drained from the pool, the snow and ice covered pool cover sank into the pool center. As it did, the pool cover wire cable came under high tension.

So much so, that it ultimately pulled in the sides of the pool buckling the walls and effectively destroying it. Why the pool cover wire cable is designed so that it will not break under heavy loads is beyond me. Fortunately, however, pool cover clips can prevent this sort of thing from happening.



Using pool cover clips allows the pool cover to effectively release from the sides of the pool in the event the liner breaks, thus preventing the pool from being destroyed. Pool cover clips are also easier to install. With the wire cable approach for attaching the pool cover, you inevitably spend a great deal of time weaving the wire cable in between the eyelets in the pool cover. Then placing the pool cover over the pool with the wire cable attached is always a challenge. Even cinching the wire cable is always a hassle.

The wire is always curling up or bending on itself to prevent the easy flow of it through the eyelets.

With pool cover clips you simply load your pockets up with them, slide the pool cover over the pool and then walk around the pool edge snapping the pool cover clips in place. I typically install two pool cover clips to each top horizontal pool frame rail segment. 

The pool cover stays on well with this approach, and only on a very windy day does an occasional pool cover clip pop off. Putting it back in place is a snap.

So if you want to reduce the risk of having to replace your pool due to a pool liner failure during the winter, make sure to use pool cover clips. Their inexpensive, much easier to install, and will release if the pressure on the pool cover becomes too great.

Pool cover clips hold a pool cover firmly, but will also pull off in the event the pool liner breaks, thus saving the pool from catastrophic damage.

Photo By Mark Donovan


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