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Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances Sell Homes


Homebuyer' Penchant for Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances


By Mark J. Donovan


When a perspective homebuyer walks through a home that is for sale, there is invariably one of two comments made when they enter the kitchen: “Oh good, they have stainless steel kitchen appliances” or “Oh, the kitchen appliances are not stainless steel”.

There is no point in resisting the fact that today’s zeitgeist, when it comes to kitchens and selling homes, is that homebuyers desire stainless steel kitchen appliances. Consequently, if you plan on selling your home sometime in the not too distant future you may want to seriously consider upgrading your kitchen with stainless steel kitchen appliances.


For whatever reason, homebuyers have become infatuated with shiny stainless steel. Admittedly the stainless steel looks chic, however stainless steel kitchen appliances have a couple of major negatives in my book. First, they attract fingerprints like bears to honey. Second, you cannot stick magnets to stainless steel, and let’s face it our refrigerators have historically been the focal point in homes for posting pictures, phone numbers, and even our children’s school work creations.

A stainless steel refrigerator could make or brake selling your home.

Photo by Mark Donovan



Regardless of history, functionality, and practicality, however, homebuyers prefer stainless steel and there is no getting around it. In a tough housing market a home seller needs to do everything they can to make their home a memorable and attractive one to perspective home buyers.

So if you want to put your best foot forward in an attempt to sell your home, seriously consider replacing the old white or black kitchen appliances with a new stainless steel refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave.


Stainless steel kitchen appliances are typically a little more expensive than their non-stainless steel counterparts, however not by much if you stick with common appliance brand names. In addition, you can even find kitchen appliances that appear to have stainless steel surfaces however are able to support magnets. Though you may not be able to escape the constant wiping down of the new appliances to remove fingerprints, at least you will be able to post Johnny’s report card on the refrigerator.

Stainless steel kitchen appliances sell homes.

Photo by Mark Donovan




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