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Gallery Magic Magnetic Frame Hanging System Review Video

Innovative and Flexible Wall Hanging Frame System Makes Hanging Pictures and Paintings a Breeze

By Mark J. Donovan  




In this video Mark Donovan of http://www.HomeAdditionPlus.com introduces a new magnetic frame hanging system called Gallery Magic. Mark shows how easy it is to hang a picture frame on a wall using the Gallery Magic.

I recently received in the mail a new picture frame wall hanging system to test out. The wall hanging system is called Gallery MagicTM, and at the core of this new and innovative technology is a rare earth Neodymium magnet.


Gallery Magic Magnetic Frame Hanging System

Today I mounted on a wall in my home a new painting using the Gallery Magic. Suffice it to say, Gallery Magic lived up to its promises. I found Gallery Magic extremely easy to use and its very strong magnet held the picture frame snug to the wall.

The Gallery Magic kit is comprised of two main elements, a large frame plate (approximately 3 inches by 3 inches), and a wall plate that has permanently affixed to it a strong Neodymium magnet. In addition, three screws, a push pin, a glue dot, a self-tapping drywall anchor, and couple of rubber bumpers come in the kit as well.

The installation of the Gallery Magic was simple. First, I fastened the frame plate to the back of the picture frame using the two small screws that came with the kit. I then attached the glue dot and push pin to the frame plate. Next, I positioned the picture frame on the wall where I wanted the picture to reside and applied a little pressure to the picture frame. This caused the push pin to put a small hole-mark on the wall.

Then, where the small hole-mark was made with the push pin, I attached the wall plate to the wall using the brass screw that came in the kit. In my case I was hanging the picture onto a wall stud.  I could have used the self-tapping drywall anchor if I had not been so fortunate to be attaching the wall plate onto a wall stud.

After attaching the wall plate I removed the push pin and glue dot from the frame plate and then positioned the picture frame up against the wall, just in front of the wall plate. With a slight snap, the magnet on the wall plate grabbed onto the picture frame plate. I then adjusted the picture a little, and placed a level on the top of it to make sure it was straight.

The entire installation process of the Gallery Magic took all of about 5 minutes. It was that easy. I also checked how firmly the picture frame was held onto the wall. I had to use two hands to separate the picture frame from the magnetic wall plate.

Besides its ease of use, one of the other really nice benefits of the Gallery Magic is the fact that I can easily switch out the painting with other paintings as the seasons change. Also, if someone wants to hang several paintings or pictures on the wall, they can easily mix and swap out the paintings/pictures as they like.

At the time of this writing the Gallery Magic sells for $12.99 and that includes shipping. To purchase the Gallery Magic see MyGalleryMagic.com.

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