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Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Key Consideration when Designing a Master Bedroom

By: Mark J. Donovan

At a minimum a master bedroom design should be large in size, and include a bathroom and walk-in closet. The location of the master bedroom can vary widely depending upon the home style and design. In some cases the master bedroom is located above a 2 or 3 bay garage or family room extension. In other 2 story home designs, it is located on the first floor with all of the other bedrooms residing on the second floor. In ranch style homes, the master bedroom design is typically located off towards one wing of the home. When developing your master bedroom plans there are a plethora of master bedroom design ideas to consider. The only limit is your imagination.


When coming up with a master bedroom design it is important to first understand how you want to use the space. For example, are you going to use the master bedroom solely as a room to sleep in, or do you also envision using it as a work area or sanctuary that you will retreat to throughout the day and evening? Based upon how you answer this question you can begin to decide upon the best master bedroom design ideas for your home. For example, if you plan for it to include a work space, then you may need to increase the size of the bedroom. You may also want to make sure that you include overhead workspace lighting, and sufficient electrical outlets and WIFI connections.

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Alternatively, if you plan to create your own little sanctuary that you can creep off to in the day or evening to read a book or work on a hobby, then you may want to include a work surface area and electrical outlets for supporting a small refrigerator, microwave and sink.


Tray ceilings, nooks, out coves, built-in cabinets, and window seats are all common features in master bedrooms, so make sure you talk to your architect about these types of features in your master bedroom design plans.


If your master bedroom design plans include dormers, built in cabinets and window seats are perfect features to integrate into them. Also, donít forget about the closet design. A master bedroom closet should be large and spacious, and include plenty of hanger and cabinet space.

Lighting is another important master bedroom design idea. Plan to have as much natural lighting as financially possible, however make sure that it is aesthetically attractive. If natural lighting will be limited, then make sure to include sufficient electrical overhead lighting and spot lighting.


If you plan to have a reading nook area then include spot overhead lighting in that area. Also ceiling fans are another great master bedroom design idea as they can create a gentle breeze and are much less expensive to operate than an air conditioning system.


The master bedroom bathroom is another key feature in every master bedroom design. The master bedroom bathroom should be large, and preferably include a separate shower and a Jacuzzi style tub. Steam showers are also very popular today in higher end homes.


The bathroom countertop should also include double sinks and if at all possible the toilet should be located in its own private space with a separate door on it. Ceramic tile is a must in a master bedroom bath. A custom ceramic tile shower can make a master bath look luxurious at a fairly reasonable price. It also holds up extremely well compared to fiberglass shower units.


Paint, wall coverings, and window treatments are other key master bedroom design ideas to consider carefully. The colors and fabrics used can really help to set the type of atmosphere you want to achieve in the master bedroom.

Dark and bold colors, as well as textured fabrics, can create a romantic feel. Light colors, on the other hand, create a more open and airy feeling.


Furniture is another major master bedroom design consideration. Pick furniture and bedding fabrics that meet the color schemes and ambiance that youíre looking to achieve in your master bedroom. In addition, consider the size of the furniture in relationship to the master bedroom area. Do not buy bedroom furniture that will overwhelm the room, however donít skimp to the point that the master bedroom looks stark.

A custom ceramic tile shower should be part of every master bedroom bathroom.

Photo by Mark Donovan


So before kicking off your master bedroom addition or new home construction, consider these master bedroom design ideas carefully so that you achieve the personal sanctuary that youíve always dreamed of having.


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