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What is the Standard Stud Spacing for Framing Walls


A DIY Framing tip when Framing Walls


By Mark J. Donovan


QUESTION: A frequent visitor to Homeadditionplus.com and homeaddition.blogspot.com was installing a garage door opener and needed to know the stud spacing between ceiling joists.

He initially attempted to find out by drilling holes every inch in his ceiling's sheetrock. After a dozen holes, he contacted us asking for help on this basic question, "What is the standard stud spacing for walls and ceilings?"

ANSWER: When framing walls, studs are normally spaced on 16 inch centers. In some cases, such as in a garage with no second floor, local building codes may allow wall stud spacings of 24 inches. Also, in some cases ceiling joists or roof trusses can be spaced on 24 inch centers.

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