Difference Between Left Hand and Right Hand Doors

How to Purchase a New Door – Know your left Hand Opening Door from your Right

By Mark J. Donovan

So your looking to purchase a new door for your home and you’ve been asked, “Is it a right hand door or a left hand door?”. You no idea how to respond to the question.

Well the answer is simple. Stand in front of the door opening and reach out and pretend to pull the door open by pulling it towards you.

Which hand reached out to open the door with the invisible handle? If it was your left hand, it is a left hand door you want to purchase. If it was your right hand it is a right hand door you want to purchase.

NOTE: The instructions were to pretend you’re PULLING the door open NOT PUSHING it open.

This simple tip can save a second trip to the home improvement store.

Good luck.

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