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How to Clean a Popcorn Ceiling

It is possible to Clean a Popcorn Ceiling versus Repainting it

By Mark J. Donovan 


Over time a popcorn ceiling becomes dusty and littered with cobwebs. In some cases, such as in the kitchen, stains can occur on the popcorn ceiling. If you do not feel up to the task of repainting the ceiling you can alternatively try cleaning the popcorn ceiling.


The simplest method for cleaning a popcorn ceiling is to pull out the vacuum cleaner, install the brush attachment, and then simply run the brush over the entire ceiling to vacuum up the dust and cobwebs.


Alternatively you can use a large soft bristle brush or a duster, however these tools have the tendency to just blow the dust off the ceiling and into your face and room. The vacuum approach is much cleaner, though a little more effort.


For stains, the best method for cleaning a popcorn ceiling is to use warm water, mild soap and a damp rag. Gently wipe the area with the damp rag, taking care not to wipe too hard or for too long. If you soak the popcorn ceiling it may begin to separate from the drywall and flake off. In the event that this does happen or you cannot remove the stain, then visit your local home improvement center and purchase a small can of ready-mixed popcorn ceiling texture.



Use a drywall taping knife to spread the popcorn ceiling texture onto the damaged or stained ceiling area. If necessary, after the popcorn ceiling mixture has dried, paint the area with matching ceiling paint.


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