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Developing a Target Home Improvement Project Schedule


Develop a Target Home Improvement Project Build Schedule when Planning Your Home Improvement Project


By Mark J. Donovan


After you have defined the scope of your new home improvement project you should next develop a target home improvement project schedule.


The top key milestones that should be included in your home improvement project schedule should include:


  • Completion of architectural drawings

  • Completion of material costs estimates

  • Identification of building contractor(s) that will perform the work

  • Completion of labor cost estimates

  • Completion of pulling building permits

  • Start of construction

    • Sub-Construction Tasks

  • Completion of construction

  • Obtain Occupancy permit


Developing a Home Improvement Project Schedule


Depending on the size and scope of your home improvement project you will also want to include rough complete dates for performing sub-construction tasks. These items should be listed between the start and completion dates of the construction milestones mentioned above.


For example, if you are building a room addition you should include sub-construction tasks items such as:


  • Excavation (e.g. for foundation)

  • Pouring concrete footings and foundation

  • Backfilling around the foundation

  • Rough framing

  • Roofing

  • Installation of exterior doors and windows

  • Siding

  • Rough electric

  • Rough Plumbing

  • Rough heating

  • Insulation

  • Sheetrocking

  • Cabinet Installation

  • Finished Electric

  • Finished Plumbing

  • Interior door/window and trim installation

  • Flooring Installation

  • Landscaping


Many of these sub-construction tasks will be difficult for you to assign completion dates until you get estimates from your general contractor or sub-contractors. However you should be able to set some initial goals for the complete dates.


Just remember you need to time phase sub-construction tasks accordingly. For example, typically plumbers and electricians do not want to go into the building until the framing is complete, the roof is shingled, and the exterior doors and windows are installed. Also, until rough framing/electric/plumbing work has been inspected you will not be able to start insulation work. Likewise Sheetrocking will not be able to be started until the insulation has been inspected.


Using a little common sense you should be able to develop a top-level target project schedule for your home improvement project in a couple of hours. This schedule should be used as a living document as you obtain more information from your contractors and sub-contractors. 


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The target project schedule is a critical tool for managing your labor, costs and ultimately your home improvement project complete date. It is well worth your time to put some serious effort into this task to ensure your projectís success.


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