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Attic Living Space Ideas

Attic Remodeling Ideas and Issues that Should Be Considered Prior to Construction

By Mark J. Donovan



Finishing an attic is a great way to create more living space within your home. Creating attic living space can be one of the most affordable solutions for a growing family. Depending upon the roof pitch and roof design, one or more finished rooms can frequently be carved out of an unfinished attic.

If you are considering finishing your attic listed below are several attic living space ideas that you may want to consider.


An attic can be an ideal location for supporting an additional bedroom, and possibly even a master bedroom suite. The addition of a master bathroom that typically accompanies a master suite could complicate your plans but it is certainly achievable. Also, with the installation of skylights, and possibly even one or two dormers, you can transform your newly created attic living space into a bright and airy bedroom.

Reading Room

An attic is also ideal for creating a reading room or library. Again, since it is off the main level of the home it is away from the typical traffic and noises that accompanying a family. Also, by installing skylights and a dormer or two, significant natural lighting can be created within the finished attic living space. A dormer also affords the opportunity to include a built-in window bench seat which can be great for curling up and reading a book.


Attic Home Office

Many people desire a home office. However, having an office on the main level of a home can be difficult in achieving the quiet space that is frequently necessary, and having an office in a basement can feel like living in a dungeon. Converting attic living space into a home office can address both of these concerns.

A built-in window seat in a reading room is a great attic living space idea.

Photo by Mark Donovan


Bonus Rooms

A finished attic living space is also ideal for creating a large recreation or bonus space for the kids. Particularly if you already have a home office on a lower level and donít want to move it, creating a bonus room can move the kids and noise to another area of the home. An attic bonus room can also double as a game room for supporting such items as a pool table and/or foosball table.


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Home Theaters

An attic is also a great place for building a home theater. Again, since it is away from the main area of the home a theater system can be built that wonít interfere or be interfered with by others in the home. Also, an attic without skylights and dormers is ideal for a home theater set up where natural lighting would normally be a problem.

So before kicking off your attic remodeling project consider these types of attic living space ideas. Also, make sure to check with your local building inspector and an architect before beginning your attic remodeling. Cutting bracing members in your attic could damage the structural integrity of your roof and home. In addition, an architect may also be able to help in maximizing the attic living space.

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