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Portable Band Saws Video

Masterforce's Portable Band Saw is ideal for Cutting Electrical Metal Conduit, Steel Pipes and other Hard Surfaces

By Mark J. Donovan


In this video, Mark Donovan of HomeAdditionPlus.com explains the applications and benefits of portable band saws. In addition he provides useful tips on how to properly use and maintain a portable band saw.


Portable band saws are ideal for cutting hard surfaces such as metal and steel. They can also reach locations that corded band saws frequently can not.


The Masterforce 18V Lithium-Ion portable band saw demonstrated in this video (Model No. 241-0440) is extremely compact and lightweight, weighing in at only 7 lbs 11 oz.

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As a result, it is ideal for cutting hard surfaces in difficult to reach places. It also has a 2-1/2" exposed blade and rotates at 550 feet per minute (FPM) under no load conditions. In addition, it has a large side grip handle to provide complete control when making cuts. Consequently, with its 18V battery, it has all the features and power to handle most band saw cutting jobs.


I've used the Masterforce Portable band saw in a variety of applications, and on different materials, and found I was able to easily control it, and make extremely fast and smooth cuts. 


As with all power tools, it is important to read the user manual first and in particular understand the safety precautions. When using a portable band saw it is important to appreciate the fact that the blade is fully exposed on the back of the band saw, and if not used properly it could easily injure someone.


As when using any type of power tool, always wear eye protection, and when necessary also wear hearing protection and a dust mask. In addition, always remove the battery prior to installing or changing the band saw blade.


So if you have some metal pipe cutting projects, and/or are in the market for a portable band saw, take a look at the Masterforce 241-0440 Portable Band Saw. It offers all of the features and power most DIY homeowners would ever need at an affordable price.  Disclosure Policy Statement


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