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Laying Tile over Linoleum Flooring

Installing Tile over Linoleum is possible with proper Site Preparation

By: Mark J. Donovan

Several years ago I needed to make some improvements in my Bathroom, including replacing the linoleum flooring with ceramic tile.  Originally my wife had suggested the idea of installing ceramic tile in the bathroom, however, I was concerned on having to install an underlayment (such as 1/4" plywood) as well as the ceramic tile.  Trying to cut all the jogs around the cabinet, closet, toilet and tub would have been extremely difficult. In addition, I was concerned about raising the bathroom floor 1/2 inch in height.

After a little investigation, I found to my surprise that laying tile over linoleum is possible. It turns out that installing ceramic tile over Linoleum, as long as you prepare the Linoleum floor first, and as long as the subfloor underneath the linoleum is stable. 

Preparing Site for Laying Tile over Linoleum

To prepare laying tile over linoleum you first need to sink 1" to 1.5" screws or ring nails about 6 inches apart into the Linoleum to stabilize the surface for the tile.  Nails should be on 6" centers from one another.

Installing Tile over Linoleum

Once you have sunk in the screws / nails into the linoleum you are ready to lay tile over linoleum.

To do so, use a standard mastic to secure the ceramic tile to the linoleum. Its that simple and my ceramic tile floor has stood the test of time. To date I have had no problems with loose or cracking tiles or grout.

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