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How to Fix a Loose Bathroom Towel Rack

Step by Step Instructions on Fixing a Loose Bathroom Towel Rack


By: Mark J. Donovan

If you have children, you have probably had your bathroom towel racks pulled out from the wall at one time or another. It is usually not all their fault as frequently towel rack brackets are not always properly installed. Frequently loose bathroom towel racks occur due to the towel rack brackets not being securely fastened to a stud or a butterfly screw not used when there isnít a stud.

To fix a loose bathroom towel rack, first remove the towel rack from the towel rack brackets.

Usually there is a small common screw that needs to be unscrewed to remove the towel rack from the towel rack bracket.

Next, remove the loose towel rack bracket from the wall. 

While removing the bracket observe what the screws were screwed into. Frequently they are screwed into plastic screw holders that fit snuggly into the sheetrock. These devices are typically used when there is no stud for the screw to secure to. Make sure that these screw holders are snug and secure in the sheetrock. Most likely, however, one or more of these screw holders are the problem.

Using a screwdriver and a pair of pliers pull out the plastic screw holder.

Once removed, you have a couple of options.


If the hole in the sheetrock or drywall is still relatively small, you can use a slightly larger plastic screw holder and larger screw. However, prior to inserting the new larger plastic screw holder into the hole, first squirt a nice stream of glue into the hole.  You can then screw the towel rack bracket back onto the wall. Let the bracket set over night, prior to reassembling the towel rack to the bracket.


Towel Rack - Photo Mark Donovan

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The alternative to using a larger plastic screw holder is to use a metal butterfly screw assembly. Simply hammer the butterfly portion of the assembly into the hole, such that itís flange is flush with the wall. Then secure the bracket to the wall, by inserting the screw through the bracket hole and into the butterfly assembly. The butterfly screw assembly when tightened will flair out on the backside of the sheetrock wall and hold the bracket tight to the front side of the wall. You can then immediately secure the towel bathroom rack back onto the bracket.

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