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Luxury Home Plans

How to Find Luxury House Plans that Will Meet Your Unique Needs

By: Mark J. Donovan

While you can find luxury home plans on the internet or in a house plan magazine, your best bet is to hire an architect to generate your specific luxury house plans. Although stock luxury house plans are much less expensive than hiring an architect you’re far less likely to get exactly what you’re looking for in a custom luxury home. Also, if you can afford a luxury custom home, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spend the money up front and define your home properly and to your specific tastes.


Luxury homes by definition are lavish and indulgent homes. A luxury house typically is a large square footage home that is uniquely designed and opulently decorated for a specific buyer in mind. Typically luxury homes are owned by wealthy and strongly independent minded people. Consequently when this type of person is looking to build a custom luxury home they won’t find what they’re looking for in a gallery of stock luxury home plans. And even if they did, the odds of it being exactly what they’re looking for are low.

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In the past, luxury homes were limited to the extremely wealthy and famous, however today you can find neighborhoods of McMansions all over the country in virtually every metropolitan and major suburb area in the country.

The one benefit of searching on-line for luxury home plans is that you may be able to find ideas for your unique luxury house plans, and in some cases you may find much of what you are looking for in a luxurious home.


Luxury homes come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Some of the more common luxury home architectural styles include Victorian, Colonial, Mediterranean, European, and Traditional. Typically luxury houses are large, and have at least 3 car garages, pool areas, many bedrooms and baths, large open kitchen areas, a study or library, media rooms, gyms and bonus rooms. They also typically include very formal areas as well as informal areas. In addition, they are typically found on an estate type of building lot.

Hire an architect to create your luxury home plans.


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Besides hunting for luxury home plans on-line or in magazines, you may also want to check with your local real estate agents. They may have luxury homes on the market that you might want to take a look at, if not for actually purchasing, at least for gathering ideas and understanding the total costs for building, operating and maintaining such homes. Besides the costs of building a luxury home, operating and maintenance costs, as well as property taxes are typically very high. Consequently before going down the primrose path of building a luxury home, taking a close look at some existing luxury homes is an excellent way to understand the total annual dollar cost of owning one.



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